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Casa La Rey

Casa La Rey

To be truly honest, I do not find alot of traditional Mexican architecture or design to be very inspiring. While the “hacienda” style is romantic conjuring up visions of magnificent Mexican country estates complete with private bull rings, personal chapels, guilded mirrors, cartoon scale furniture intricately carved with cherubs and roses, brightly colored tiled kitchens and bathrooms and a front door large enough to usher in a herd of elephants; this just is not my style.

My favorite Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreto however does inspire me in all his work and his interpretation of Mexican tradition in color and folk art.  It is his delightful spin on these traditions in a modern context that I find so refreshing.

Organic  Beach Garden

Organic Beach Garden

My friends home here in Baja is a wonderful example of just this, a fine mix of  modern meeting tradition. Simple strong shapes of concrete construction covered in bright white gesso “paint” make for a super modern clean design. A traditional palapa roof and terrace coverings bring in that gorgeous tradition and a touch of what we now all call “modern organic”.

Modern meets Tradition

Modern meets Tradition

Inside more white walls but the occasional turquoise ocean bluey green washed walls reflects back to the sea in open air rooms that serve as living and dining spaces. All the bedroom doors are a hot lime green custom fabricated arched door that says it is old school Mexico with its arch and lined pattern but the metal construction and funky color hint to a new era of tradition in the making.

Interior decor is left to nature and I love this more than anything. Forget “store bought” accessories and bits that have no real meaning other than to accentuate a table or shelf. Paige and Larry have looked to the great outdoors to decorate the house. Bowls of found sea glass, puffer fish skeletons, whale ribs, unique shells and washed up driftwood  “sculptures” adorn the shelves, tables and counter spaces. The walls are canvases for photographs of their children, their family, their friends both here in Baja and back stateside but all are taken while in this home. Black and whites mixed with a few color photos of natures bounty bring the walls alive and the home a real living space alive with the spirits of those who dwell within even for a short time. Hope I make the wall 🙂

Mexican Modern

Mexican Modern

Found Art

Found Art

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