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Bradley Thiergartner Interiors - Dinner

Bradley Thiergartner Interiors - Dinner

I know. I promised, again, that I would blog every lovely moment of my time in NYC. But, alas, I return home with just a chest full of fabulous times and memories and no blogs to share. Mi dispiace. Let me catch you up!

I arrived in NYC on Friday night around 7, completely exhausted from an intense work  week. While best instincts said “go to bed”, I chose the other “Heather voice” that said – go call your NY friends. One hour later I was at a fabulous Italian restaurant called Giorgione (307 Spring St).  Everything about the place screams perfection. Simple. Well Designed. Authentic food. I had a gorgeous octopus salad  and had a taste of the meatballs, which do not exist on the menu. You can order them anytime and I suggest you do. After this fabulous social reunion, I hit the hay. A girl needs her beauty sleep.

Saturday – I was a really bad girl and played hookey from ICFF. I first took a loooong run from 39th to uptown and plotted my shopping path for later. Detoxed and ready to shop, I hit it hard! I bought the most amazing new slingbacks at Nine West (more on them late), a wonderful new…no, really you don’t want to hear about my shopping escapades right? Let’s just say, summer wardrobe is handled. Yeah!

Saturday Evening we had our first WITHIT event which was really well executed as I was to see the rest would be as well. Thank you Betty Lyn. Following that I went to the MOMA party for ICFF. Met up with NY friends (and Mrs. Rene from Austin) and a good  time was had by all. Dinner later, at IDEYA in Tribeca. Out of this world mojitos and the best hanger steak I have ever tasted. But when it comes to Cuban food, I love my plantains! Late night we hit a bar nearby, where I fell in love…

with a T shirt. Unfortunately, the owner of said shirt was not willing to part with it. Alas.

Sunday I attended the show and then visited the Cooper Hewitt exhibit as well. Really a great exhibit on “felt” – see my pics and on “design for a living world” which I could not snap photos for. That evening two of my most favorite people in NYC hosted a dinner for the WITHIT gals at Ben Bradleyshome. Wow. The food was simply perfect and the home was without flaw. We left with homemade sugar cookies that I swear are the best I have ever tasted. xo, gents.

Monday was no less exciting – I WENT TO BROOKLYN  for the first time…and liked loved it~!

Felt Exhibit Cooper Hewitt

Felt Exhibit Cooper Hewitt

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