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Summer Dinner Design Idea

Summer Dinner Design Idea

Every May I attend the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in NYC. Even though it is a great show for what is hot and exciting in modern furniture trends; for me it is a really good excuse to go play in NYC for a weekend. So for as many hours as I have scheduled at the show, I have just as many booked into great restaurants and shops around the city.

Where can you find me? Well, I never miss a spin through “Moss”. Although their selection is way way way off the wall, it nevertheless inspires the modern artist in me.

ABC Home is also on the top of the list. I have been coming here since I was a teenager from the deep deep South. The store was like a fairy tale that stepped right off the pages and into my heart. The first time the buyers from ABC visited my furniture showroom and placed an order, I thought at that moment that Karma is a real and living thing. Ah the circles and parallels that life leads us along.  Ok, so yeah – I will visit my dear old friends at ABC. Let’s move on.

Anthropoligie in NY is better than most of their other shops. I visit them purely to get inspiration for visual merchandising. They do it better than almost everyone in terms of creativity. Inspiration usually leaves me floating out of the store.

A final stop outside of Bergdorfs. No need to go inside. Just visit the windows. Yes, the windows. It is the ultimate at Christmas, but anytime is a good time to stand in front of a window at Bergdorfs. Just picture Audrey Hepburn standing in front of Tiffanys, but then repace Audrey with me and Tiffanys with Bergs. Yup, just the same – enormous sunglasses and all.

All that shopping made me hungry – so I pan to head off for a meal at Babbos. Like where else right? Ok, there are loads and loads of other great places but I  must always make a bar drive by for a great glass of red wine and some fabulously prepared animal organ. Are you in?

And so it goes…I am doing my mental planning this week but I am sure this weekend will reveal some great new finds. I am attending a “Design Conference” so we have some special things lined up that you will be with me on! We are getting some sneak peeks into the homes and lives of some very styling New Yorkers. Don’t miss it!

Follow me all weekend on Twitter (HNelli) and I will be blogging as well with all the latest in what is sizzlin in design in NYC. Friday night kick off at Hudson Inc in the Meatpacking…

Stay tuned for NYC weekend… xo

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