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I love the Spring. Every single day reveals a little green shoot or a tiny pink bud on a tree. The birds really do seem louder, right? Or is it just me losing a bit more of my sanity? I love to walk in the neighborhood examining every yard for the new budding signs of life. Its really cool and yes I am apparently a huge dork on this subject. Being from the east coast I really miss daffodils which were always the first sign. Dogwood trees, tulips, cherry trees, hyacinths and lilies do not really happen in Texas. I miss all these but am finding new favorites here in Austin. The Red Bud tree is my substitute for the cherry tree, absolutely an explosion of pink! I love the bluebonnets and poppies which are grown wild on all the highway medians. Very red and blue which seems appropriate for TX, no? Loving the lantana which is a scrubby scrawny bush that produces fabulous flowers in yellow, orange, red and shocking purple.

While Spring flowers are  high on the list of “best of Spring”, it would be wrong not to discuss Spring’s favorite foods. While peeps, Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies are on the list I love good ole fashioned cupcakes. No real reason, it just seems the right time of year for this indulgence. Obviously another lapse of my sanity here. Along with a healthy does of lemon cupcake with a lemon curd filling (oh yeah) and a giant stacking of cream cheese frosting (stolen from the carrot cakes of the season) I like to pour a lovely bubbly glass of Prosecco to wash it down. So wrong in so many ways but oh oh oh so good.

My ultimate favorite flower and one that shines in the spring is the almighty Lily. Love all the varieties but the big white Asian Lilies reign supreme (yes, I stole that from Iron Chef). My entire house soon fills with the heady fragrance. 

So the posted pic is in honor of Spring. Welcome back. I missed you.

My Spring Favorites

My Spring Favorites

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