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Its Here!

Its Here!

I still can’t believe my eyes, but there it is. My book on Amazon.com!

I can’t actually believe its done considering how long I have been working on it. In the beginning, as with many pet projects, it was mainly just a dream or an idea that it might actually end up between a cover and back page. As more went onto paper it became a little more believabl – but not really.

Then the food photography stage came along. When I saw the first recipe that Lara ( www.platesandpacks.com) photograhed I gasped and said “wow, my  food is really pretty!”. That was the day for me that it really came alive and the dream became tangible. From there we went into the photo studio (www.lucasimaging.com) where JoAnn and I styled tons of cool shots and Rick photographed them all fabulously!

From there I tumbled into the world of self-publishing! If you have been there you know what I am talking about. I can say it has been a tremendous education (learned the hard way!) It has taken months and months and months to get through the publishing steps but alas …it is here. Really here.

I have to give a shout out to Teresa (www.wantedfreelance.com) who designed my beautiful cover for me and to Brett for making me look good on the cover! Thanks guys!

I feel a little like its my first Oscar, except there was no glamorous red carpet, Valentino dress or borrowed jewels. There will be champagne, I can promise you that!

I want to thank all of you that have continually encouraged me, supported me, test cooked for me, hounded me about a finish date and listened to me whine about the publishing world. I would not have finished without everyone support. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

And now – its time to get out there and market the book! It starts with some great brunch menus and a wonderful Spring menu which would be fabulous for Easter – so…hey get a few for Mom, for the wife, for Grandma, for the sister, for the friend who loves to entertain…for yourself!

I hope to be doing a few signings and I will post those dates and places as they get scheduled. If you know of any really cool off the beaten path book shops in your town (like Book People here in Austin), send their names my way! I want to reach out to some independent book stores specifically. In the meantime, please buy the book from Amazon.com. The better sales I do there, the longer I get to stay and the better my chances for a few national book chains to buy in. If you go to my Amazon shop here on the blog, you can buy the book right now! Yeah!

Thanks again for all the love and moral support!

xo  – Heather

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