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So Sweet!

So Sweet!

I am really not that into Valentines day to be honest. I like surprises, and getting red roses on Valentines is far from a spontaneous surprise bouquet of say Asian Lilies on a random Tuesday. Right?! I also thinking HAVING to appreciate your significant other on one exact day of the year is well…sorta like your Mother telling you to do something.
However; I have decided to embrace my inner Cupid and give everyone’s sweet tooth a gift – lots of dessert!
Having just written my first book, which is STILL like just arms reach away from hitting the bookshelves, I can attest to hard it is. But the wonderful website Tastebook has made it possible for us all to capture family recipes in print.
So, in the spirit of Valentines, I am going to publish a Tastebook that has all my favorite dessert recipes in it! SWEET! Its called “A Haute Valentines” and you can check it out by going to http://tastebook.com/collections/284713-A-Haute-Valentines

I have already started and am two recipes deep so go check it out and get your sweet tooth on. I will add a new tempting recipe every day until Valentines!
The only problem is that you have to choose which one to make on V-day!

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