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Look for the edible...in your city!

Look for the edible...in your city!

So if you read all the food mags or blogs then you know how strong the movement has become to eat as much locally grown, organic and in season food as you possibly can. I need not preach to you here about all the reasons why. I can leave that to organizations like www.slowfoodusa.org or www.edibleaustin.com. In fact I am not going to pull out my soap box at all. I am going to put on my stilettos instead.
This Thursday night I am hosting a dinner party for a business organization. The event requires everyone to show up at a cocktail party where, upon check-in, you get an address. One hour later you are due at that address for dinner. I am one of host homes. The organization gives you a budget and that is your only guideline. I can hire any chef in town, any caterer, any theme – anything.
After dismissing having a P-Daddy white party and then letting go of having Playboy Mansion Theme, I decided to have a “sustainable dinner”. I am rather proud of this decision as I could totally be flying in some serious sushi from Japan tomorrow. No, I am going local.
What does that look like for Texas you ask? Turantula Soup with tumbleweed dumplings, grilled scorpions, rattlesnake bites all followed by a contest to see who can eat the biggest piece of beef in under 10 minutes?
Now now…I live in Austin remember. We keep all these things as pets instead!
I have hired my most most favorited catering company, Spoon & Co for the event and they have not let me down. The menu is just divine and almost every morsel was grown or raised here in TX.
The one exception I just could not give in on was TX wine. Sorry. Not happening. So, the most local thing about the wine is that is is being pulled from our wine cellar. Everyone has their breaking point ok!
Frisee Salad with duck eggs & local mushrooms, central TX borscht, braised beef with juniper berries, TX southern greens, native honey pot de creme with organic grapefruit and a selection of the market’s best local cheeses and breads.
I put together a fabulous menu card (well, I think its fabulous) that lists all the farms locally plus other resources to learn more about sustainable dinners and eating locally grown foods. You know I love to see a theme through so I am sending everyone home with a Whole Foods recycled canvas grocery bag filled with sustainable food goodies.
I will make sure and take some photos to post after the dinner.
I challenge you all to visit your local farmers market this week or weekend. Make a great dinner using in season fresh local ingredients and see the difference for yourself. Let me know what you cook!
A Great Caterer

A Great Caterer

2 thoughts on “Sustainable Dinners

  1. Heather says:

    I love that you only blog about sustainable food! You must have great markets wherever you are. I look forward to reading you blog.
    Do you only eat in season food then? All the time? I think this would be challenging. I would love to hear how you handle that.

  2. Ha! This post is right up my alley, in fact my blog is all about sustainable food!

    It really is crazy how much better things taste when they are homegrown or organic or artisinally (is this a word?) produced.

    Great post! hope the dinner party went well

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