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Flock Sticker

In one of my design & merchandising projects last year I stumbled on this really great company that makes wall stickers. Now I know what you are thinking – what kind of a designer puts stickers on the wall, isn’t that job usually reserved for 5 year olds? Well my friends, these are no ordinary wall stickers.
Their website is whatisblik.com and yes I am shamelessly promoting them without so much as a free sticker. I just love their product and the way it can have big impact for a design job without dramatically changing a space. The better news is that when you are tired of the design installation, you just peel it right off. Very cool.
I recommend them almost anywhere but I think they are most lovely in niche areas or statement walls in a room. Bathrooms are also a lovely place to use the stickers.
I went rather nuts in my design installation with them last year. The merchandising theme was “Pop Art” so I had fun with color.
I also really suggest overlapping them, having them curl around a corner of a wall or tumbling down a wall waterfall like.

Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

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