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Today starts a two week visit to India. I always love being here and this trip is especially sweet as most of it is holiday, not work. A smooth flight from Newark landed us in Delhi last night around 9pm. A quick dart through customs and duty free landed us in the hotel car and on our way. Wow. Big big changes in road constrution even since August. The new airport and new highways and new railway have made the treck into town a formidable task. Alas, we arrived. A quick shower, a quick few drinks at the bar and CRASH. A good nights sleep.

Morning flight to Jodhpur, lunch at the house (with wine), and off to our friends house for the afternoon and dinner. A fabulous evening ensued, meeting new friends, celebrating old ones and all over great wine and food.

Now, just before tucking up, as I reflect back on the busy first day back in India, one thing comes to mind over and over. I have few words to say what I feel about my newest Indian discovery today. So, I will just show you the picture and let you decide…

For Real?

For Real?

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