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I went to a pumpkin carving party in Ellijay GA last night on my Mom’s farm, The Martyn House. The leaves are getting close to peak and it is just magical right now. Days at 75 degrees with a great breeze that sends the leaves spinning and twirling towards the now leaf covered ground. We went to a pumpkin patch early in the day and left with loads of pumpkins and a great fresh cut bouquet of sunflowers for the party.

The invite said to bring a pumpkin, a favorite fall dish and a bottle of wine. With a glass of wine in hand we all got to work on our pumpkins. I am no artist and had been scheming of ways to creatively cheat all day. One of our pumpkin carving tool kits came with a template book. I had planned to sneak a template into my pocket and somehow copy it onto the pumpkin. In the end, we decided that it is okay to cheat with templates if EVERYONE could do the same. So off I went with my skull template and glass of wine.

In the end we had some really amazing pumpkins! I think we surprised ourselves to be honest. With the pumpkins carved and numbered for the voting – we headed to the table for dinner. A wonderful buffet awaited with fall veggies & local grits, Moroccan beef kebabs and of course pumpkin pie with nutmeg fresh whipped cream drizzled with caramel.

With full bellies we gathered around the outdoor fire and commenced to stuffing our faces with smores! Ahhh…I love Fall!

These are a few of the masterpieces we carved!

Soooo Scary

Soooo Scary

ps…my pumpkin won! That is him, the scary skully guy up there…

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