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Went to a wedding this weekend in Greensboro NC. It was a business acquaintance so you never know what to expect as you weren’t in on the preparations and ultimately only know that person from their “biz persona”. So I just waited to see…

Ceremony (non-Catholic) was just the right length. I can say that because I was raised Catholic and sat through a lot of loooooong ceremonies. It was an evening wedding, which I think adds a nice sophistication to the event. The wedding theme was “French”. Not French Country, Not au Paris, Not Cannes…just French.  Maybe French Cafe like. Color scheme…you guessed it, black and white.

The ceremony was lovely. Everyone in black except the bride. Flowers, one of my favorites…calla lilies. So classically beautiful. Church Wedding. No flowers. Candelabras, yes. All the favorite wedding tunes. The ceremony itself was really touching (yes I teared up). OK…let’s get to the celebration!

The reception was held at a new-ish boutique in Greensboro NC called “Proximity”. We got lost getting there from the church because I sped by our exit at about 80mph…..oops. However, once we found our way there…oh wait I need to tell you about the rain. A hurricane had parked off the coast of NC and was sending kisses of wind and belting rain our way all day and the day before. I went out and bought matching pairs of umbrellas for Lover and I so we would arrive dry and fashionable. I felt horrible for the bride – who wants a rainy wedding – IN TWO LOCATIONS! But…

the rain stopped just before the ceremony. It held literally until she had swept down the stairs of the church and into the limo. Then, the skies opened up once again. This is my excuse as to why I missed the exit!

Proximity is Greensboro’s answer to a hip boutique-ish hotel. Finally. I travel there frequently and was so pleased to finally see a modern hotel. Staff is great. I did not eat at the restaurant since I was in a private party but the menu was encouraging. The bar was well done and the bartenders were super. I highly recommend the hotel for any needing to pass through G’boro.

As for the reception… the them of B/W French carried through on the tables. Great flower arrangements on each table however I never did identify who sat across from me because of them. The food was surprisingly good for wedding fare. They had a wine tasting as you arrived with 3 great red and white wines each to sample and then choose from. A nice touch as they are off to France for a wine tour honeymoon, I hear.

So all in all not a bad food weekend and I have a new resource for a hotel in G’boro.

I leave you with… “Let them eat cake!”



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